About the Book

It was love at first sight. It was an intense spiritual journey.

I wish to tell the world that adopting a child is one of the most rewarding, satisfying life experiences a person could have. It’s an unconditional commitment of love both ways. This memoir depicts my story of becoming a mother: my journey as I traveled to India to find my two adopted children in the 1990s. It is important to note, however, that the process I underwent to adopt my two children is no longer viable today. In India, the exploitation of children makes it hard for a person from abroad to adopt a child, especially a newborn. It can be done through adoption agencies, which can take years and there could be several roadblocks along the way.

This is not a how-to book on adoption; it is a celebration of motherhood through adoption. My hope is that it will inspire more people to adopt, or perhaps just change their perspective on adoption; my children are my own, as if they were of my own flesh and blood. My children are my jaans (my lifelines) and my souls, and this is the story of how I found them.

Love at First Sight: A Mother's Journey to Adoption by Raj Arneja

PRAISE for Love at First Sight: A Mother's Journey to Adoption

“A remarkable story of perseverance, love and family. Raj’s life story is an inspiration.” – Bal Brach
CBC Journalist; Documentary Filmmaker, Reporter CBC Vancouver

“With powerful words, and wonderfully exhibited emotions, Raj gives insight into how her struggles and accomplishments shape her as a mother. Her journey to date is evidence of what a complete and beautiful human being she is – a remarkable example for society!” Rajiee M Shinde
CEO, ShowBox Channel of IN10 Media Pvt Ltd., A Dada Saheb Phalke Film Foundation awardee

“What a lovely and simple reminder that being a mother is much more than giving birth.”Raj Thandi
Creative Director, Pink Chai, Culture & Lifestyle Writer

“This compelling book highlights the power of love: unconditional, expansive, and infinite. Raj’s incredible perseverance and unwavering faith in a higher purpose fuel her maternal instinct to never give up.” – Dr. Bal Pawa
Creative Director, Pink Chai, Culture & Lifestyle Writer