Love at First Sight: A Mother's Journey to Adoption

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Raj Arneja says adopting her two children, Kabir and Kirti, in the 1990s has been the best decision of her life, despite facing stigma surrounding adoption in the South Asian Community. She writes about her experiences of coming to Canada and her journey towards motherhood in her new book Love at First Sight – A Mother’s Journey to Adoption. Arneja is the Director of Corporate Engagement and Philanthropy at Nanak Foods.

“Like most people, I have faced many challenges in life. Not being able to conceive was heartbreaking at first and I longed to feel the love and joy of a baby. While I felt the sadness, I was also not ready to give up,” says Raj. “I knew I would love and experience it all through adoption. With a strong will and stronger love for children, I adopted my two kids. Every day since then has been a blessing.”

Arneja hopes that her book will inspire more people to adopt, or diminish the stigma surrounding adoption.

“I hope my chosen path and my struggles can help someone find their way to undying love, just as I have with my children,” she says.

“This book highlights the power of love: unconditional, expansive, and infinite. Raj’s incredible perseverance and unwavering faith in a higher purpose fuel her maternal instinct to never give up. Heart-wrenching emotions are illustrated in the trials and tribulations of IVF treatments, cultural expectations, and navigating unknown waters of overseas adoptions. I especially loved her explanation of adoption to her child, “you came from my heart.” This unforgettable reframing of biology should certainly inspire more couples to adopt, ” said Dr. Bal Pawa, Co-Founder Westcoast Women’s Clinic, Author of The Mind-Body Cure and TedX Speaker.

“Her journey to motherhood reminds us all of the power of intention and manifesting the life we wish to have. This book is a must read for anyone looking for an uplifting and refreshing take on finding purpose and meaning through all of life’s adventures and challenges,” said Bal Brach, Documentary Filmmaker.

Link to the online version: Nanak Foods director shares her adoption story | South Asian Post | Indo Canadian newspaper – Vancouver, Surrey, Calgary, Toronto, Brampton, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Montreal


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